What is required to apply for an outside scholarship?

What is required to apply for an outside scholarship?

Like University admissions team members, scholarship providers are often looking for students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership skills, community involvement and strength of character. Finding the right scholarship for you means connecting an organization that aligns with your passions, skills and interests….

Will an outside scholarship reduce the financial aid package I receive from my school?

Maybe, but they can still help you build toward a financially stable future. Here’s why: Schools require students to report the outside scholarship money they receive to the financial aid office, and there are federal laws requiring schools to reduce…

What can I do if I see an outdated scholarship?

Please contact us here to let us know about the outdated entry, and we will remove it. Thank you!

Do I apply to scholarships here on this site?

No. When you search for a scholarship, you’ll see a URL for that scholarship. Click through to apply at the host’s website.

How much outside scholarship money is generally available?

From all sources, and according to debt.org: each year, about $3.3 billion in funding is awarded to college students from private organizations.

What is an outside scholarship?

An outside scholarship is any amount of college scholarship funding that does not come from the educational institution itself. The money may come from an individual fund, a nonprofit or a for-profit company. Students typically apply for outside scholarships with their…

What is the total dollar amount of awards available here?

At our last count, the total amount was 1,614,636! We are always adding new scholarships, so check back often!

How many scholarships are listed on Outside Scholarships?

At our last count, it was 7,975, and it’s always growing!

How often are scholarships updated here?

Scholarships are typically updated every two weeks. Please check back often!