How we can help:

Application Form Design

We create custom applications that fulfill your needs. We carefully tailor each application to reflect the specific criteria and goals of our client. We help streamline the decision-making process by keeping applications short, concise, and on target. We specialize in paperless applications that reduce environmental impact, have remote access, and are 100% secure.


Outside Scholarships provides marketing packages to help you promote your scholarship opportunities. We create targeted strategies that are efficient and cost-effective.


As a third party participant, we can provide unbiased decision-making to ensure that the best possible applicant is chosen. All final determinations are made with your approval.

Notification and Payments

We provide each winning applicant with a personalized message and detailed instructions regarding the award process. Outside Scholarships also handles payment disbursement and tracking for every award.

Post-Scholarship Promotions

Our disbursement package also includes publicity releases from the winners so the program can be utilized as marketing from start to finish.